Back to it . . .

It’s been months since I hit my goal and, of course, the challenge is to keep it off and I’ve been successful. That’s called maintenance. BUT, I’m not settling for maintenance. I’m going for another 10 pound loss in order to drop body fat and build lean muscle. I’m fine tuning.

ImageWhat I’ve learned is that I CAN affect my physical self and that there is a ‘formula’. It takes a lot of hard work and attention to diet. Simple right? Really HARD, actually.

From my heaviest at 225, to where I began last July at 206, to where I’ve been for the past few months at 180, to where I am this AM at 177. My goal for the next few weeks is going to take off that last 7 by eating low fat and focusing on proteins, including more vegetables and fruit.

By the way, I was actually at 184 when I started this last push so I was within my range of 180 plus a few (varies according to salt intake, etc.) and I tried Isagenix – shakes, cleanses, etc. While it’s helped me go down 7 pounds in a week I think it’s not as effective as just watching my diet. They are a pain in the butt to do business with – it’s like you’re joining a club, not just buying product – but I’m about 70% satisfied with them and the point was to get a ‘quick jump’ on some results so for that it’s worth it. Overall recommendation – too expensive and a lot of stuff you just don’t need. Do it naturally.

And keep moving.

More  – Moving, lean protein, veg, fruit.

Less – fat, doubt that I can do this.




Nothing to report – and that’s good. After losing 25 pounds the big question is – can I maintain it? That’s what I’ll check in on as I target another 10 pound loss, keeping in mind that this last 10 is also part of ‘look and feel good’: if it looks ‘skinny’ as opposed to healthy I’ll shift it. Truth is, I’m going for lean and healthy and it’s somewhere between 170-180 PLUS a whole lot of exercise.

Has exercising become part of my lifestyle yet? Well – maybe. I begin to think of my day with something physical in it, but some days its still a struggle to get up and get to the workouts. I’ll keep going on will power – but hopefully at some point it will feel much better to get up and work out then stay in bed and sleep.

Still at 180 and still in action!


Now What?

s2-rear-viewLast week I reported that I (finally) hit my goal of 180lbs for a total weight loss of 25 lbs. So, now what?

1. Obviously – maintain it. Don’t ‘yo yo’ and go up and down. So far, so good: all week long I’ve gone back and forth from 180-182, depending on the day (and mostly the night before).

2. Mind set – the Paleo Diet is not about weight loss, it’s about health and, more than that, freedom from illness. I’ve had food allergies, kidney stones, high cholesterol and cancer is in my family. Eating Paleo is also about being healthy.

3. Enjoy it – my workouts are VERY hard and I get to ‘brag/complain’ about doing 80 squats with bar bells before 6:30 AM. I actually enjoy the challenge and doing things I never thought I’d be physically able to do.

4. Go for 1o more! That’s right, after enjoying the thrill of hitting my goal I am ready to commit to losing ten more pounds. According to height and body type suggestions I’ve researched (6′, medium build) I can be ‘healthy’ at as little as 164 lbs! My thinking is, if I could keep it between 170-180 while building muscle it would be easier (consider having 10 lbs less to carry while you’re doing a pull up) and I’d be way more toned looking. Come on, of course some of this is so that I look better in my clothes (or out of them), so losing weight and having more tone is worth the extra effort!

MORE – I’ll continue to stick as rigorously as possible to Paleo diet. Its been REALLY friggin’ cold here so I bought a home spin cycle for the basement.

LESS – Less sugar, salt, sweets that aren’t found in fruits or good food.

Thanks for reading and supporting me . . .



imagesI’m going to admit that I can be a bit of a jerk. In other words, I don’t always do the right thing, I’m selfish and I don’t tell the truth all of the time. And I’m OK with it. I’m human. I’m not a total Jerk, though, just now and then, a bit ‘jerk-ish’.

Weekly I write how I’m shooting towards 180 lbs as my goal, 25 pounds overall, and I could do it if I could only remain 100% constant with my diet all day every day, plus work out 3x a week at Cross  Fit and have something to do on the other 4 days that helps, but doesn’t leave my 56-year-old body feeling wrecked instead of revved. I do my calorie counting and make the Cross Fit classes but there are temptations and, honestly I give in to some.

As a family we do pizza and a movie every Sunday. Sin: bread and cheese. After meals I want something sweet: I keep Jell-O handy, but occasionally have a cup of ice cream: sin. I say I’ll get enough rest but sometimes I’m bored and I wind up reading late, watching TV or doing something else that will cause me to feel tired the next day: sin. You don’t need more details, do you? I’m not 100% constant.

Why does it matter? Because I’m a coach and I work with people to hit their goals every day. It matters because I have this image of myself that I try to live into and, I think, that people expect of me – because I’ve HEARD them say it to me. So here’s where I’m coming down on it. I’m a Jerk. Not 100% of the time, but every now and then. I keep on track most of the time but sometimes I make the wrong/weaker/less disciplined choice. I’ll be responsible for that and I’ll manage.

It’s taking me a bit longer than it may take a stronger-willed person, but I’m still getting there. I lost one of my ‘gain back’ pounds from winter break and I’ve been mostly good this week, eating well, but eating good. I’m showing up for workouts (at 5:30 AM 3x a week – points for difficulty?). I’m doing my best. Hope that’s good enough for you and if it’s not — well, give me a break.

And while you’re at it – give yourself a break too. You’re not perfect, and you’re probably a jerk sometimes too. But that’s all part of being human, isn’t it?

Good luck to all of us.

Results: lost 1.5 pounds since last writing. 4 pounds to my 180 pound goal. HARD workouts this week and a lot on my thighs – so much so that climbing stairs and sitting were painful. But I’m happy, seeing ME in the mirror more often, and will keep at it.

More – checking out an exercise bike today for ‘off days’ when the weathers really bad (-16 degrees before wind chill this week)

Less – less cheating on the diet combined with less stressing about the times I give into cravings.


Setback from winter hibernation – ARGGGGH!

4918318419_thumbs20down_answer_2_xlargeOK, I haven’t checked in for two Sundays now and it’s no use avoiding it. I went off the food regimen, ate winter food indulgences, stayed inside a lot because of the super cold winter weather and now I have to admit that I went up 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. That means I have to lose those 3 pounds AGAIN before I get to my goal of 180.

Of course it’s self-sabotage and sloppy discipline, etc, but I’m sure I can overcome it. Like the AA people say, ‘relapse is part of the process’. I’ve been on this diet and exercise plan since July and this is the first time I’ve gone up so, even though it’s NOT OK, it’s really OK. I don’t want to be like the person quitting smoking who gives in after a couple of weeks, smokes and then says ‘see, I can’t do it’. I know it’s a setback and I know how and why so it’s up to me to take it on, get it done and start reporting honestly all of this messy, hard process. After all, consistent weight loss for 20 something weeks vs 2 weeks of indulgence – results say I can do this.

So, if you’re disappointed in me; sorry. If you’re just glad that the guy who coaches others to stay on track, hit their goals and keep moving forward is capable of being weak-willed and indulgent now and then – well, it’s not news around here. I feel too good about what I’ve accomplished to feel bad about my mistakes!

Cheers to you and all in the new year. Results to come next Sunday – no more hiding out!



182.5 — The End is in Nigh!

My original goal – 180 lbs. My current weight – 182.5.

More – these past few weeks my fitness level has really increased and workouts are still intense, but I stay to do an extra 150 jump ropes every M-W-F. I also went for 1.5 minute walk yesterday to the beach, along the ravines, through town and home with Riv. Cold, but not too cold, and it felt great.

Less – boredom eating. I tend to snack when I’m bored and I keep almonds around just in case, but with a lot of holiday baking around it’s hard to resist. I do, mostly, but it’s going to be a tough week ahead with a lot of free time. I’ll go get some additional fruits to help me snack right.

That’s it for this week. It’s good, but I’m really impatient to get that last 2.5 gone and hit my goal. Close is more frustrating than 10 pounds away!